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I have to say that your entire family is amazing. It was such a pleasure having Tyler. I could not have asked for a better guest to kick things off. I know Tyler will have a bright future ahead of him and if I could help make that happen in anyway please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you again for everything.

Slade Abisror

Producer, The Megan Mullally Show

Our students at Legacy Martial Arts absolutely love Tyler. We have had him out 5 times for various seminars and each one has sold out. The way Tyler teaches with passion and energy makes his seminars the best.

Master Romeo Gregory

ATA, California

Tyler Weaver JR is an extraordinary young adult with an exceptional talent in karate. He is also a wonderful karate teacher, able to convey complex directions in an understandable fashion and adaptable in style to connect with each individual student. No matter what age student, Tyler Weaver JR is an e!ective and well-liked instructor. My own children truly enjoy working with Tyler & look forward to their lessons with him.
Debbie L.

Mom of 3

When Tyler’s parents asked me to write him this recommendation, describing his character, maturity, and readiness to travel and teach, I was more than happy to do so. I was Tyler’s director – on his first feature film – and Tyler worked on the project with a very high level of professionalism. Any program that brings Tyler to teach students will not only benefit from his high level of martial arts skills, but also his ability to handle himself well in new situations and environments. Tyler is a great person to work with and I give him my highest recommendation.



Tyler Weaver Jr has a unique approach in teaching children. His skill and technique as a black belt instructor helped pave the way in being one of, if not, the best Sensei to teach children as a group, or individually in private lessons. As young as he is, he definitely can understand the kids while at the same time teach them the survival skills that will prevent them in becoming victims of crime. With an impeccable ethic behind his teaching mixed with a good heart, Tyler Weaver Jr’s teaching ensures growth for your children not only within the martial arts but life as well. He reassures kids they have not only a teacher, but a friend, bringing out the best in each of his students. He has influenced many people from around the world but still remains a humble, hard-working individual that not only teaches, but shows respect and his love for the martial arts.
Crystal S

Ty is a great teacher, knowledgeable and conscientious. He is very mature for his age and supportive of his students.

Mom of 3

Tyler weaver is one of the most inspiring young men that I’ve had the pleasure to work with an see him develop into an amazing role model. Not only for the youth but adults as well. His dedication and amazing energy that he shares with every person he comes in contact with leaves you with a piece of Tyler’s greatness. Amazing teacher and just such an inspiration. Anyone would be truly Honored to have the opportunity to work with him like I did.

Mindy K.

Hollywood, CA

Tyler Weaver Jr is a very successful martial arts on and off the mat. As a full time instructor we wish to have a school filled with students with his ability, confidence and his passion! Any human on this earth strides to find that one calling, the one thing we were born to do. And at the young age of 15 I believe Mr. Weaver has found his. I would recommend him to teach any student or future student of mine, kids and adults. As a young student looking at Mr. Weaver he can be very empowering to see someone their own age doing the things they wish to do. He is able to relate and get on another level with the students many instructors would kill to be able to do with their students. He is a great role model for any person young and old. Children look up to him, parents want kids like him. I personally am proud to say that Tyler Weaver has help to motivate my students and myself in ways. I know he could help you as well.
Mr. Evan Turner

4th Degree Black Belt, Chief Instructor Victory Martial Arts

I have seen Tyler Weaver Jr teach many kids of all ages, and even though he may be young, he has a lot
of knowledge to share. He interacts well with the children and shows great respect towards the parents, they all love him.
Eric Day

Tyler Weaver jr. Is a great role model. His knowledge and teaching abilities set great examples for individuals for not only his age but younger students and adults as well. As a Jr head instructor, Tyler also excels in other aspects such as academics.
Chantel T.

3rd degree Black Belt

As soon as Tyler begins his mastery of skills and tricks, he has mesmerized his audience of karate kids and their parents as well. He then captures their hearts when he motivates them by encouraging them to work hard and practice hard. Tyler is inspirational to the kids because they can actually see the payoff of his commitment to his passion–karate.

Anne C.

Black Belt Instructor, PKSA, Orange County CA

I know you already know this, but YOUR SON IS AWESOME with our kids!!

The J's

Aurora, Colorado

Tyler is A PRO!  I.  He really impresses us and our family with how well he works with the kids.


Denver, Colorado

Tyler is just amazing. Great interaction with the parents and students. My granddaughter Ally, age 6 loves him!!

Brenda Ann and Chuck

San Francisco, California

Wow, I was just amazed with Tyler Ryan, he is just darling, and so talented for his age. You should feel very, very proud. I love the way he comes across as so professional and so mature for his age. You could tell he has done this many times in his short life. What a nice young man he is.

Christy B

Las Vegas, NV

The Buff family is really proud of Tyler.  Just wanted to let you know.  Great Young Man!

Kathy, Rob, Alexis and Kristin

Highlands Ranch, CO

Oh my gosh! I was just blown away I couldn’t help but get teary, I will contact the show and let them know how inspiring I thought you were.

Shawna F. Mother of 2

Highlands Ranch, CO

Tyler is indeed awesome.


Tyler was awesome!!!! Tyler did great, looked great, sounded great!  I know you’re proud, he was awesome!!

Mike Chat

Father of 2, XMA Revolution

Tyler is the best and he rocks!!! I have 2 kids that have been training with Tyler for 3 years. All I can say is that he is the best role model! He is a wonderful instructor and wise for his age. Thank you

Melanie B. Piazza

Inventory Control, Wagner Equipment Co.

Way to go you should be very proud of them on their accomplishments at a very young age.

Carl Piazza

Account Manager, PST Investments

We, Jennifer and Courtney of BBP, will always be big supporters.

Best wishes,


Tyler, you make us proud of you,

God bless….


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